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Runner Spotlight: Ann Marie

Leading up to the 2019 Austin Marathon, we’ll be featuring some of the dedicated health advocates running on Team People’s in support of affordable, accessible health care.

This week we interview Ann Marie, who works to educate and empower teens through People’s Center for Adolescent Health. As People’s Youth Health Innovation Coordinator, Ann Marie is a key member of our adolescent health department. Click here to support Ann Marie’s fundraiser campaign!
Why do you choose to run with team People’s?

This is the perfect opportunity to connect two things that I love – running and People’s – and to use something I enjoy to support the clinic. Also, it has been fun to be part of a team and go for training runs with co-workers after work.

How do you make running fun?

I always listen to music when I run. Sometimes, if a run feels particularly hard, my playlist helps me get through it. I also mainly run outdoors. I enjoy being outside so look forward to that.

What’s your favorite running spot in Austin?

I enjoy running in my neighborhood because I can just put on my shoes and go. When I have more time, I also like to run around Town Lake.

How do you stay motivated?

Although I enjoy running, I sometimes lose my motivation. In those instances, I have a few tricks. One is to take advantage of fleeting motivation. For example, if I catch myself thinking, “I should go for a run…” I go right then if possible instead of waiting. Otherwise, by the time the next opportunity comes around, I might not be motivated anymore. It also helps to set goals (e.g. I’m going to run 3 times a week) and then just do it no matter what. On weekdays, I often set my workout clothes and shoes out so that as soon as I get home, I will see them and put them on right away. Usually, once I have my running shoes on, I start feeling more motivated to actually run.

Why is affordable, accessible health care important to you?

I believe that health care is a basic human need like clean water or shelter and should be available, and accessible, to everyone no matter what.

Want to get involved and support People’s through the 2019 Austin Marathon? Click here to see how you can run, volunteer, or donate to support affordable, accessible health care for uninsured and medically underserved Central Texans.