Patient Rights and Responsibilities

As a People’s Community Clinic patient, I have a right to:

  • High quality healthcare
  • Be treated with respect
  • Learn about my health in ways I understand
  • Ask questions and express concerns
  • Discuss my test results
  • Understand my treatment choices
  • Seek another opinion or change my treatment plan
  • Privacy
  • Have health care costs explained

As a People’s Community Clinic patient, it is my responsibility to:

  • Participate in my own healthcare and treatment
  • Write down my questions ahead of time so I can ask questions and express concerns
  • Come on time for appointments or call one day ahead if I cannot come
  • Give current information about my address, telephone numbers, income, and any insurance I have
  • Tell my medical history
  • Bring my prescription bottles, and tell how much medicine I take
  • Carefully read all the forms and papers I sign
  • Pay my share of the cost of my health care based on my income
  • Be considerate of others by taking care of children who come with me to the clinic
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