Reach Out and Read Program

In Central Texas 87 percent of low-income children enter kindergarten lacking the skills needed for a successful learning experience.

Being read to is the best medicine for a child’s cognitive and language development, providing comfort for both children and their parents and paving the way for success in school. The primary goal of the Reach Out and Read Program is to enrich the parent-provider-patient relationship and increase reading time in the home.

Introducing children to reading at an early age promotes literacy and success in school. Practicing language and pre-reading skills early on are necessary for children to succeed later in school and one of the best ways to secure a strong foundation for a lifetime of learning. Research tells us that the developing brain is shaped by the stimulation of language, words, repetition, and reading. The Reach Out and Read Program increases positive parent-child interactions and supports low-income parents’ ability to nurture their child intellectually.

During each well-child visit a developmental assessment is conducted, affording an opportunity for the medical care provider to discuss ways the parent can incorporate reading, language, and word games into daily routines. Children are given a free book to take home afterward.

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