GOALS Program

The GOALS Program is a developmental, behavioral and primary care program that promotes optimal developmental functioning, wellness and success for youth ages 4-19. Diagnostic evaluation and treatment services are included as an essential part of overall physical and mental health.

The program works to empower families to advocate for their children and adolescents while also working with involved schools and agencies. GOALS receives referrals from Central Texas schools, agencies, and families as well as from within People’s. Using an interdisciplinary team model, youth are assessed for learning, behavior, and mental health issues. The family of the patient is given information, counseling, and follow-up regarding the assessment. Afterward the clinic serves as the medical home for the patient, providing primary care and medication as appropriate. The GOALS Program serves over 250 youth each year.

Dr. Celia Neavel, People’s Director of Adolescent Health, heads the GOALS program. She is fellowship-trained in adolescent medicine and developmental disorders. Other clinic physicians, social workers, medical assistants, translators, a consulting psychologist and a consulting psychiatrist, make up the balance of professionals that provide services to program participants. GOALS is advised by a professional and parent advisory committee comprised of volunteers to ensure best practices are implemented.


David Burrows
GOALS Program Administrator

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