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Marcia Ball: Still a Fan, Still a Supporter

Everyone in Austin knows someone who has moved here recently to be part of the vibrant economy and  to enjoy a fun lifestyle. However, back in 1970, “Long, Tall Marcia Ball” arrived here the same way many people did; her car broke down en route from Louisiana to California — and she loved the town so much, she forgot all about plans to move to San Francisco and opted to stay here.

Over the past 40 years, Marcia’s contributions to the music scene have helped earn the town’s title as “Live Music Capital of the World.”  Whether it’s her 5 Grammy nominations, appearances in documentaries by Clint Eastwood and also Martin Scorsese, or founding a landmark concert venue called La Zona Rosa, Ball and her husband, painter Gordon Fowler, are long-standing, wonderful examples of what it means to be an Austinite.

The same year Marcia arrived in Austin, People’s Community Clinic opened.  She was immediately impressed by the concept of the clinic. “I had never imagined anything like it. Doctors taking care of people for free, providing critical accessible health care for a large group of underemployed, uninsured friends of mine.”

Marcia and Gordon have supported People’s ever since.  To our great delight, Marcia also performed a private concert benefiting People’s in October.

Austin may have grown in size immeasurably in the last 4 decades, but as she points out, “PCC still serves Austin’s needs with the same emphasis on community that inspired the original church basement clinic, needs that have grown as our city has grown. I’m still a fan. I’m still a supporter.”

Thank you, Marcia. The feeling is mutual.