SafeHealth: Health Care Services for SafePlace Clients

Collaboration with SafePlace ensures that domestic abuse survivors and their children can build healthy, self-sufficient futures.

Survivors of domestic violence can face huge barriers to health care. Abusers all too often physically and socially isolate them by forbidding them to see doctors, withholding money, or prohibiting work outside of the home. This can create insurmountable barriers for their families. Survivors struggle to keep themselves and their children safe amidst crisis and the instability that abusers create, and as a result, health care needs are regularly neglected.

SafeHealth is a collaboration between SafePlace and People’s Community Clinic to provide high quality medical care to women and families at SafePlace. The goal of SafeHealth is to enhance the health and well-being of SafePlace clients, so they can build healthy, self-sufficient futures. To do this, survivors need accessible health care that is responsive to their needs.

SafePlace and People’s formed the SafeHealth collaboration to provide medical service to SafePlace clients who might otherwise fall through the cracks. Clients who have serious health issues or are uninsured or underinsured are able to be seen at SafePlace’s family shelter by People’s providers. People’s offers pediatric, adolescent and adult medical care to those clients in order to improve their health and ability to build stable, healthy lives for the future.

Through this collaboration many clients have been connected to much needed, sometimes lifesaving medical services.




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